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Make Hay While the Moon Shines (Single)

Singer, songwriter, and flatpicking guitarist Rebecca Frazier returns with her first single in 11 years and with a little help from bluegrass greats, Béla Fleck, Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, Barry Bales, Josh Swift & Shelby Means!

Frazier explains:

“Make hay while the sun shines” is a call for getting work done in the daylight. But when the moon rises, it’s time to savor the moment and cut loose. Inspired by a full moon picking party in the fall, “Make Hay While the Moon Shines” evokes moonlit anticipation and high spirited, light-hearted mirth and shenanigans on a farm as the day is drawing to a close.

“I had a blast getting together with Jon and Bob to write this song. With three bluegrass musicians in a room, things can get a little crazy and silly—we couldn’t stop laughing as we were throwing in double entendres and exploring creative ideas. I adore the bluesy and fun melody we came up with, and I love the spirit of yodeling through the hook!

Bill Wolf was the natural producer for this track, given his history with bluegrass, Tony Rice, and the legendary musicians on the track. It was Bill’s idea to gather Béla  Fleck, Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, Barry Bales and Josh Swift. Bill kept it lighthearted and fun. This was the first song we laid down with Béla, Sam, Barry, and Stuart. I think these guys read the mood and nailed it right away. When Bill asked the guys to build the spirit of the barn scene with their climactic improvisation, I think they provided that energy and then some! I love the way this song came together, from start to finish.”

Make Hay While the Moon Shines (Single)

Rebecca Frazier

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Make Hay While the Moon Shines