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As a co-founder of best-selling Irish instrumental outfit Lunasa, and current member of Celtic favorites Capercaillie, flautist and piper Michael McGoldrick has played a great part in expanding the audience for British Isles instrumental music with his expert technique and visionary sensibilities. His genius for wedding traditional styles with contemporary textures has made him a welcomed contributor to albums and performances by such acclaimed contemporary roots artists as Kate Rusby, Sharon Shannon, and the Afro-Celt Sound System. Wired is the long-awaited follow-up to his groundbreaking 2000 album Fused, and finds McGoldrick and producer/keyboardist Donald Shaw (Capercaillie, Karan Casey, Karen Matheson) surrounding McGoldrick’s fluid, soulful performances and compositions with a startling variety of rhythmic backdrops. From spacious jazz trappings to surging Indian percussion, electronic loops to bluegrass banjo, Wired brilliantly harnesses the rhythmic momentum of Celtic music while pushing into new sonic realms.


"A treasure-trove of gorgeous tunes, razor-sharp grooves and sublime playing -- if there’s any justice, Wired should be up for next year’s Mercury Prize... Five Stars."
- Sunday Herald

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Track Listing

Wired to the Moon
Gaelic Gavotte
The Hillsbrook Reels
Strange Journey
The Honesty Bar
Famous Last Words
Paddie in the Smoke
Glenuig Bay
The Desert Road
The Jolly Tinker
Last House in the Village