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Whistle On The Wind

Joanie Madden, the powerhouse who ignites the wonderful all-woman Irish-American band Cherish The Ladies, is an extraordinary tin whistle and flute player and the only American-born Irish musician ever to win the Senior All-Ireland tin whistle title. A New York native, she has played with just about everybody in the East Coast Irish traditional music scene. Her brilliant technique and huge repertoire of tunes has graced albums by dozens of artists including Sinead O’Connor, The Clancy Brothers, and Tommy Makem.

Now, with A Whistle On The Wind, Joanie presents a tour de force of virtuoso playing and a rich variety of material, from session tunes executed at top speed to a pastoral setting for a poem read by Liam Clancy. The rest of the impressive lineup includes noted Galway percussionist Johnny "Ringo" McDonagh (of De Dannan and Arcady), John Williams on concertina, Eileen Ivers on fiddle, and Gabe Donohue on six and twelve string guitars, bouzouki, acoustic bass, and piano. As Mick Moloney writes in the liner notes "Irish people love characters ... gifted people who combine exceptional artistry with extreme sociability ... Joanie Madden is a character. One of the greatest you could meet in a long day’s travel ... She is also one of the most talented individuals in the history of Irish music in America."

Whistle On The Wind

Joanie Madden

CD $15.00

Track Listing

Marcus Hernon's Air
Johnny Doherty's/Seán Sa Cheo/Lady Gordon
Idle Road/Tommy Mulhaire`s/Ned Coleman`s
Uncle Dano`s/The Midnight Hornpipe
Whistle On The Wind/The Jug Of Punch/The Dogs Among The Bushes
Hyne`s March/Johnny Harling`s/The Lasses Of Ballintra
Molly Ban/Paddy Lynn`s Delite/Jack Maguire`s/King Of The Clans
Cat`s Meow/Partners In Crime
Aggie White`s/Miss Thornton/Rip The Calico
Blind Mary
Smiling Lady/The Nervous Man/Sean Ryan`s
John Brady`s/The High Reel/Martin Wynne`s
Mary Hynes