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Wayward Son

John Doyle’s gifts as a guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, and producer have played an essential role in the ongoing renaissance of Irish traditional music. Doyle first rose to international prominence with Solas, the all-star Irish/American band whose emergence heralded the arrival of a new generation of bold, inventive traditional musicians. Guests on Wayward Son include Alison Brown, Seamus Egan, John McCusker, Michael McGoldrick, Kate Rusby, Danny Thompson and Linda Thompson.

Wayward Son

John Doyle

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Track Listing

The Gallant Poacher
Jack Dolan
The Glad Eye / The Journeyman / The Wayward Son (Jigs to Reel)
Captain Glenn
Bitter the Parting
Old Bush / Expect the Unexpected (Reels)
The Apprentice Boy
Tie the Bonnet / Monahan Twig / A Fair Wind / The Convenience Reel (Reels)
The Month of January
Little Sadie
Eddie Kelley's / Reavy's Tribute to Coleman (Reels)
The Cocks are Crowing