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Up Close

A brilliant album. Kevin Burke is joined by such luminaries as Matt Molloy, Joe Burke, producer Gerry O’Beirne on guitar and synthesizer, and, on two astonishing tracks, Ireland’s answer to the Harmonicats, the amazing Murphy family from County Wexford.

Up Close

Kevin Burke

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Track Listing

Lord Gordon's Reel
A Polka (From Charlie Harris' Reel)/A Finnish Polka/Jessica's Polka
The Thrush In The Straw/A Health To The Ladies/The Boys Of The Town
Tuttle's Reel/The Bunch Of Green Rushes/The Maids Of Mitchelstown
The Shepherd's Daughter/Jerusalem Ridge/Michael Kennedy's Reel
The Bloom Of Youth/Molloy's Favourite/The Cabin Hunter
The Boys Of Bally Castle/The Stack Of Barley
The Raheen Medley
The Rambler/The Chapel Bell
The Peeler's Jacket/The Flax In Bloom/Eileen Curran
The Orphan/The Mist On The Mountain/The Stolen Purse