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The Times We've Had

The Irish Tradition play music and sing songs with passion, pleasure, and virtuosity. Their sound is as refreshing as anything you’ll ever hear, yet they are infused with a sense of history and a singular commitment to the traditional music they love to play. A glorious ensemble sound.

The Times We've Had

Irish Tradition

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Track Listing

Reels: Paddy Fahy's/Paddy O'Brien's
Song: The Shipyard Apprentice
Hornpipes: The Quilty/Sault's
Michael O'Conner
Song: Paddy's Lamentation
Festus Burke
Reels: The Yellow Tinker/The Sally Gardens
Song: A Lady Fair
Jigs: Happy Days/Fllight Of Wild Geese
Song: The Wild Rover
Reels: Lad O'Beirne's/The Small Hills Of Offaly