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The Morning Dew

There is hardly a superlative in the language that has not, at one time or another, been used to describe the unique genius of fiddler Brendan Mulvihill. Having begun his career as a first-class interpreter of Irish dance music, he now inhabits another, much loftier place, where reels and jigs commingle with classically-inspired O’Carolan tunes, and he is forever extending the boundaries of the music while nevertheless remaining true to the tradition.

As is the case with all of the great jazz masters and legendary Irish musicians of a bygone era, Mulvihill is forever exploring the improvisational possibilities of a piece of music. His co-pilot in these explorations is the equally gifted keyboardist Donna Long, whose baroque harpsichord embellishments are the perfect complement to Mulvihill’s intricate reworkings of some of the most complex O’Carolan pieces. Long’s piano accompaniments reflect her abiding interest in Cape Breton, Irish, and even popular music forms, and her solos cap an already astounding exhibition of two instrumental masters doing what they do best. We are proud to present Brendan Mulvihill and Donna Long - two vibrant examples of the eternal power of Irish music.

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Track Listing

The Morning Dew/Grants
Brian Maguire/Thomas Judge/The Broken Pledge/McGlinchey's/The Green Garters
Rathlin Island
Shandon Bells/Boys Of The Town/Rakes Of Clonmel/Girls Of The Town
Festus Burke/John Drury
An Ceileabrad Caoine/Morgan Magan/Greig's Pipes
Mrs. Judge
Down The Broom/Joseph Bank
Kean O'Hara/Colonel O'Hara/The Flagon Reel/Dublin Lasses