The Mando Chronicles

A Beautiful 3-CD Box Set! 3 CDs, 52 tracks and over 3 hours of music.

An epic tour-de-force journey through the world of the mandolin by one of the great virtuosos of the instrument, containing old-time, bluegrass, parlor standards, jazz, classical, New and Old World Music and dazzling Ostroushko compositions. Peter’s virtuosic performances are up to the vast breadth and scope of this incredible collection, making this one of the most important and enjoyable mandolin releases of all time.

The Mando Chronicles

Peter Ostroushko

MP3/320 $20.00
3xCD $25.00

Track Listing

Paddy on the Turnpike Buy
Ace of Spades/Brilliancy Buy
Lantern in the Ditch Buy
Mr. Bill Hinkley's March to the Promised Land Buy
Crossing the Cumberlands Buy
Proud Boys of Manassas/Bull Run Picnic Buy
Long March Through Texas Buy
Old Virginia Reel Buy
Herald of Spring/Civil War March Buy
Monkey on a Dog Cart Buy
Heliotrope Bouquet Buy
Swipesy Buy
Flapperette Buy
Sweet Georgia Brown Buy
In a Sentimental Mood Buy
C Jam Blues Buy
Entrance of the Gladiators Buy
Kozachok Buy
Krokadyeel/Orelitsya Buy
Stoli Hori Buy
Tashka/Chervyonyee Cherevitchkee Buy
Moldavian Dance Tune Buy
Pereschitya Buy
Gånglåt Buy
Vals from Orsa Buy
Tarantella di Mirto Buy
Avec Relais Buy
Aida Buy
Bouclette Buy
Una Bambola Buy
Coeur Vagabond Buy
Ed Reavy's/Gusty's Frolic/Miss Patterson's Slippers/Rakish Paddy Buy
Lament for Captain Henry O'Kane/Mama's Pet/The Banks Buy
The Humors of Tullycrine/Sporting Paddy/Lough Isle Castle/Reel in the Key of A Buy
The Knackers of Naven/The Salamanca/The Nine Points of Roguery Buy
Mandolin Concerto in C Major-1st Movement-Allegro Buy
Mandolin Concerto in C Major-2nd Movement-Largo Buy
Mandolin Concerto in C Major-3rd Movement-Allegro Buy
Sonata in G minor for Solo Violin-1st Movement-Adagio Buy
Sonata in G minor for Solo Violin-2nd Movement-Fugue Buy
Sonata in G minor for Solo Violin-3rd Movement-Siciliano Buy
Sonata in G minor for Solo Violin-4th Movement-Presto Buy
Adagio ma non troppo in E flat major for Mandolin and Strings Buy
Minuetto in E major for Solo Mandolin-1st Movement-Minuetto Buy
Minuetto in E major for Solo Mandolin-2nd Movement-Andantino Buy
Minuetto in E major for Solo Mandolin-3rd Movement-Allegro Moderto Buy
Laid to Rest Beneath Oklahoma Soil Buy
Madeline Buy
Ciumento Buy
Os Cinco Companheiros Buy
Gostosinho Buy
Diabinho Maluco Buy