The Iowa Waltz

In celebration of Red House Records' 30th year we are reissuing our very first release: Greg Brown's classic album, The Iowa Waltz. Widely acknowledged as an early masterpiece and one of the his most critically acclaimed titles, The Iowa Waltz is a raw, unsentimental yet affectionate journey through the American heartland filled with vivid scenes and memorable characters. This special 30th Anniversary Edition is re-mastered with updated liner notes for CD and vinyl LP!

The Iowa Waltz

Greg Brown

MP3/320 $10.00
FLAC $12.00
WAV $12.00
CD $15.00
LP $22.00

Track Listing

The Iowa Waltz Buy
Mississippi Serenade Buy
Counting Feedcaps Buy
Grand Junction Buy
Out In The Country Buy
Walking The Beans Buy
My Home In The Sky Buy
King Corn Buy
Daughters Buy
Four Wet Pigs Buy
The Train Carrying Jimmy Rodgers Home Buy