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The Half Tail

Scotland’s hard-hitting Highland rockers Wolfstone are renowned for their passionate vocals, energized traditional music, and the unexpected instrumentation of bagpipes, fiddle, whistles, kicking bass and drums, and screaming electric guitar. Brilliantly bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary, Wolfstone once again successfully meld themes born of their own Celtic roots with the universally embraced sounds of modern rock.

Often compared to The Waterboys, Black 47, and The Levellers, Wolfstone stand ready to join the ranks of these prolific "Celtic crossover" artists. The long awaited follow-up to their 1994 smash Year of the Dog, The Half Tail further solidifies Wolfstone’s reputation as leaders of the contemporary Celtic pack.

The Half Tail


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CD $15.00

Track Listing

Tall Ships
Heart And Soul
Granny Hogg's Enormous Wallet
Bonnie Ship The Diamond
No Tie Ups