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The Boys from the Blue Hill

This classic album is a great introduction to the Irish whistle, although Vinnie Kilduff is something of a multi-instrumentalist as well. Guest artists include Charlie Lennon, Steve Cooney, Brendan O'Regan, Gerry O'Connor, Brid Kelly, Tommy Hayes, Seamus Begley, Kevin Hough, Cora & Breda Smyth.

The Boys from the Blue Hill

Vinnie Kilduff

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Track Listing

The Sailor’s Farewell/The Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome To Shetland/Sweeney’s Buttermilk (Reels)
Andes (Llama)
The Kings Of Inishbofin/The Queen Of Mayo (Jigs)
The Galway Hornpipe/The Boys Of Bluehill (Hornpipes)
Paddy Kelly’s/The Old Road To Garry (Reels)
Máirín De Barra (Slow Air)
Seán Sa Cheo/The Shepherd’s Daughter (Reels)
With A Love That’s True
Paddy Fahy’s/The Rock On The Clyde (Jigs)
Jackie Coleman’s/John Brosnan’s/Touch Me If You Dare (Reels)
Jim Keeffe’s/Jimmy Doyle’s/The Wren Polka (Polkas)
Johnny Boyle’s/Strike The Gay Harp (Jigs)
Lord Gordon’s (Reel)
The Golden Eagle (Hornpipe)
The Boys Of Ballinahinch, The Lads Of Laois, TheMonaghan Twig (Reels)