The Best of Aly and Phil

Featuring 19 favorites spanning their 20-year career as one of Scotland’s favorite folk music duos.

Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham have been performing together for the past 2 decades. These purveyors of traditional Scottish music started playing as a duo after Phil made a visit to Aly’s TV show. Since that historic meeting, the two have toured together every year, bringing the music of Scotland to people around the world and never forgetting to bring it to the Highlands and Islands it originated from.

On The Best of Aly & Phil, they’ve chosen their favorites and even thrown in a few nostalgia-laden tracks from those first few performances together on Aly’s TV show. The Best of Aly & Phil showcases Aly’s limber fiddle playing and Phil’s creative accordion with all the energy and charisma associated with their live performances.


"Aly and Phil weave around each other, pushing the tunes to their limits but never putting a finger wrong. Brilliant stuff." - The Living Tradition Magazine

"An elegant take on traditional tunes." - GLOBAL RHYTHM

The Best of Aly and Phil

Aly Bain

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Track Listing

Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban / The Sands of Burness / Miller's Reel Buy
Sarah's Song Buy
Waltz of the Little Girls Buy
The Jig Runrig / The Swedish Jig Buy
Violet Tulloch Queen of Lerwick Buy
Humours of Tulla / Fox Hunter's Reel / St. Anne's Reel Buy
Sophie's Lullaby Buy
Michael Colemans Jig / Gingerhog's No. 2 / Give Me a Drink / Jiggy Jig Buy
My Lily / The Sweetness of Mary / Hughie Jim Paul's Reel Buy
La Ronfleuse Gobels / La Grande Chaine / Gallope De Malbaie Buy
The Pearl Buy
Megan's Wedding / Da Herra Boys / The Barrowburn Reel Buy
Spring the Summer Long Buy
Waiting for the Federals Buy
Colours of Cape Breton Buy
Charlie Hunter's Jig / The Mouse in the Cupboard / The Rosewood Buy
Flett from Flotta / Sabhal Iain ig Uisdean / The Drampire Buy
A Man's A Man for A' That Buy
The Auld Fiddler / Earl Mitten's Breakdown Buy