That Kind of Love

"I think this album is more song-centered," says Pierce Pettis about his ninth release, That Kind of Love. "We were far more focused on making the album about the songs rather than the other way around. Each track feels quite unique to me and stands solidly on its own. "

Having the advantage of time on his side (That Kind of Love was four years in the making), Pettis was able to allow the songs to grow and mature while he played them live. "I think that sets this album apart from my previous ones," he says. "I’m hoping the listeners will notice the difference."

The timeframe also assisted Pettis with song selection. "The intervening four years pushed some songs to the surface over time, while others fell back . . . sort of a 'survival of the fittest.' So the songs that ended up on the album pretty much chose themselves," he explains.

That Kind of Love

Pierce Pettis

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You Did That For Me Buy
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