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Take The Bull By The Horns

Here is a display of single-row button accordion playing which will stagger you with its vitality and energy. Tom Doherty is well into his ninth decade, and plays with all of the verve of anyone one-third his age. He reveals his Donegal roots in a variety of highlands and mazurkas, which are interlaced with a sprinkling of more mainstream dance tunes. This album features his daughter Maureen Doherty Macken on flute and whistle, along with Maureen’s Cherish the Ladies mate Mary Coogan (guitar), plus Brendan Mulvihill (fiddle), Felix Dolan (piano), Maureen Glynn Connolly (keyboards), and Mick Moloney (guitar and tenor banjo). A great backup band as befits a great musician!

Take The Bull By The Horns

Tom Doherty

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Track Listing

The Three Sisters Reel
Reels: The Donegal Reel-The Maid I Daren't Tell
Highlands: Cathy Jones-The Keel Row
Three Highlands
Barndances: Road To The Isles-The Auld Rigadoo
Set Dance: Maggie Pickie
Polkas: I've A Polkie-Trimmed With Bule-The Gallope
Hornpipes: Liverpool-Derry
Jigs: Rory O'Moore-The Connaughtman's Rambles
Two Mazurkas
Reels: The Sally Gardens-Cooley's
Jigs: The Humors Of Whiskey-Take The Bull By The Horns
Mazurka-Reels: Solo Mazurka-McDermott's & The Primrose Lass
Set Dance: Corn Rigs
Polkas: Bridget O'Leary-Polka
Barndances: Paddy McGinty's Goat-Green Grows The Rushes-O
Reels: Sweet Cup Of Tea-Drowsy Maggie
Highlands: Miss Drummond Of Perth-Mollymusk
Reels: Silver Spear-The Mountain Road-The Maid Behind The Bar
Jigs: The Queen Of The Fair-Off She Goes