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Swallowed By The New (Deluxe Edition)

On May 4, Compass Records will release Glen Phillips SWALLOWED BY THE NEW (Deluxe Edition). The album features the bonus track “Nobody’s Gonna Get Hurt” which was co-written with Lori McKenna and showcases backing vocals from Amber Rubarth. SWALLOWED BY THE NEW is the most intensely personal album of his career, reflecting his mastery for converting raw emotion into sound. Taking on life’s difficult transitions, Phillips delivers some of his most vulnerable songs yet.

Phillips has been making music for over two decades, starting as the 14-year-old frontman of Toad the Wet Sprocket. Since then, he’s accumulated an esteemed body of work comprising eight albums with Toad (which collectively have sold close to 4 million units) and three as a solo artist. ABC News had this to say of his solo work, “Songwriting-wise, Phillips continues to come off like an American answer to Crowded House’s Neil Finn. Both men are masters at delivering dense, seemingly effortlessly-crafted songs rich with context and depth.”


Vinyl Edition tracklist (LP contains download card including the bonus track "Nobody's Gonna Get Hurt"):

  1. Go   
  2. Baptistina
  3. Criminal Career  
  4. Leaving Oldtown  
  5. The Easy Ones  
  6. Amnesty  
  7. Grief And Praise
  8. Unwritten
  9. There’s Always More
  10. Held Up
  11. Reconstructing The Diary

Swallowed By The New (Deluxe Edition)

Glen Phillips

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Track Listing

Criminal Career
Leaving Oldtown
The Easy Ones
Grief and Praise
There's Always More
Held Up
Reconstructing The Diary
Nobody's Gonna Get Hurt