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This song was initially written for the 2021 Summer Olympics. After a devastating 18 months, with hope on the horizon, we wanted to write a song that would be uplifting for the athletes, particularly female athletes who are so often overlooked, many of whom had been through so much and were bringing us all together during the games. As the song evolved, it turned out to be much bigger song – really an anthem for all women who have persevered through life challenges. We have spent the last two years doing a unique show with a survivor of abuse, addiction, trafficking, and prostitution where she reads excerpts of her memoir interspersed with our songs. At the end of the day, this song is also about Jennifer, who created the show – a mother and daughter who by all accounts and probabilities should not be alive today, but overcame all of this and is now a leader and mentor at Thistle Farms in Nashville, lifting up the women around her.

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