Stranger At The Gate

The 1988 solo debut of the award-winning button accordionist.


Paddy O'Brien's button accordion is backed by Daithi Sproule's sensitive guitar. ~ Steve Winick

Stranger At The Gate

Paddy O'Brien

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Track Listing

The Mountain Meadow/The Highlander Who Kissed His Granny (Reels) Buy
Double Jigs: The Trip To Sligo/Daithi Sproule's Buy
The Coachman's Whip/The Foxhunters' Chorus (Reels) Buy
Strathspey: Lady Lyle/Liz Carroll's Buy
Stranger At The Gate/Miss Ratray (Reels) Buy
The Wounded Hussar (Song) Buy
Strathspey: Miss Hutton/Reel: Miss Johnson Of Pitworth Buy
Jimmy Powers' Favorite/The Luck Of The Toss (Slip Jigs) Buy
Paddy Fahy's/Miss Patterson's Slippers (Reels) Buy
The Traveler's Reel/The Bird's Nest (Reels) Buy
Double Jigs: John Brady's/Garrett Barry's Buy
Colonel Rodney/The Reel Of Bogie (Reels) Buy
The Golden Eagle/Reel: Ed Reavy's Reel (Hornpipe) Buy
The Lament From Eoin Rhua/Clan March: The March Of The Gaelic Order (Slow Air) Buy
Dr. Gilbert's Wife/Gus Dolan's Reel (Reels) Buy
Tiny The Trooper/Single Jig: The Girls Of Knocknagow (Slip Jig) Buy
The Miller Of Draughin/The Humours Of Castlefin (Reels) Buy