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Soon Be Time

Alone or with fellow musicians; guitar, fiddle, or banjo in hand, Bruce Molsky has been exploring traditional musics from an astonishingly broad range of cultures over the past two decades – synthesizing them and refracting them through his own evolving sensibilities to the point where the sources of his inspiration transform themselves into a sound that is uniquely his. While most identified with traditional American old-time music, Molsky’s influences range from the Appalachian soul of Tommy Jarrell to Delta blues; from the haunting modal strains of Irish music to the rhythmically nimble music of Eastern Europe. Soon Be Time is his sixth solo album, and is his most demanding, personal statement to date. The unifying element of Soon Be Time sounds simple, yet it required an immense amount of consideration and concentration.


“As Bruce continues to mature and explore as a musician, his recordings grow more diverse. And it’s an amazing thing...that such an accomplished player is still so hungry to explore new parts of the forest.”
- Fiddler Magazine

“He manages to take the old melodies and make them sound fresh and new, even as he retains the feel, tone, and context of the original source material, creating the illusion of an unbroken line between then and now.”

Soon Be Time

Bruce Molsky

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Track Listing

Lazy John / The Bucking Mule
Wandering Boy
Buckdancer's Choice
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
The Brass Band Ruchenitsa
Georgia Belle
The Golden Willow Tree
Come Home
Forked Deer
Fare Thee Well Blues
Cotton Eyed Joe
On My Street
John Brown's Dream
Three Forks of Cheat