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sincerely, e

sincerely, e was conceived of and recorded in singer-songwriter Elizabeth Ziman's living room as a way to try and reach beyond the isolated bubble of her home to connect with others, during quarantine. It was also a personal reckoning with solitude, helping her explore new layers of herself. This juxtaposition -- the anxiety of loneliness coupled with over stimulation, chaos and the urgency of numerous global crises converging -- is present in so much of her writing as she grappled with connection and existence.

sincerely, e showcases two sides of the same Elizabeth and the Catapult coin: thoughtfully peppered through the album are intimate, live, solo-piano songs that tremble, raw, with the intimacy of their making; the other half, songs that required a larger sound, fully display Ziman’s film scoring and composition background. Producing tracks from her home provided new opportunities to work remotely with a few talented friends and the decision to explore rhythm without percussion, proved to be a constraint that enabled her lyrics to properly breathe. With the desire to connect at the core of this collection of songs, lush background vocals prominently express sincerely, e’s “together, alone” sound - a symptom and product of the time in which she, and we, find ourselves.

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Track Listing

birds and the bees
pop the placebo
the muse
together, alone
sweet chariot
this rose comes to life
apocalypse in A major
the stranger
hope, my sometimes friend
love always wins