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Second Story

Powered by the inimitable bow of Irish fiddle great Kevin Burke, Second Story defines Open House as a leading architect on the Celtic/American music frontier. With acclaimed country and bluegrass musician Tim O’Brien producing, the new album is a sparkling set of Irish fiddle tunes, Balkan melodies, French bourrées, and American old-timey music.

Second Story also showcases the hilarious, inventive songs of Mark Graham, and even the vocal debut of Kevin himself! Open House is a tight musical enclave defined by fiery instrumental music, dance, and song. Accented by the virtuoso instrumental work of Paul Kotapish and Graham, and the unique rhythms of Sandy Silva’s dazzling footwork, Second Story delivers a wonderful blend of music from around the world.

Second Story

Open House

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CD $15.00

Track Listing

The Miller Of Drangan/The Dawn/Connie O'Connell's
Devlin's Jig/The Trip To Bantry/The Hawthorne Hedge
Bourrees De Berri
Jackson And Jane
Flowers Of The Forest
Chinquapin Hunting
Monkey With A Typewriter
The Moth In A Lantern/Take No Prisoners
The Mascot/Collins' Jig
The Classical Greek
The Ebb Tide
The Dogfight