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Saints & Scoundrels

Recorded between Summer 2008 and Summer 2009, Saints & Scoundrels is the new studio album from Sharon Shannon, Ireland’s multi-platinum selling and award winning accordion player. Saints & Scoundrels includes several newly penned tracks by the accordion maestro herself and boasts a hoard of special guests including Shane MacGowan, Iimelda May, Jerry Fish, Carol Keogh (Automata), Justin Adams (Robert Plant Band) and introducing the mighty Cartoon Thieves. One of her instrumentals, “Cape Clear”, will be featured in the new Neil Jordan movie, Ondine, in which Sharon stars as herself alongside Colin Farrell. (This will be premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2009)

Perhaps the most musically important track is “Saints and Angels” written by chief Waterboy Mike Scott. This track was written for their Fisherman’s Blues album (but was never included on the album). The new recording features the first ever reunion of that classic 1989 line-up that includes Mike, Steve Wwickham, Anthony Thistlethwaite, and Sharon. The instrumentation is largely made up from Sharon’s touring band, which includes drums, bass, Hammond organ, electric guitars, and sax, which provides a muscular rhythm to Sharon’s accordion, fiddle and whistle playing. Once again the variety and talent of the guests who contribute on Sharon’s Saints & Scoundrels new release serves to highlight her musical versatility, wide appeal, and huge respect from within the musical community.

Saints & Scoundrels

Sharon Shannon

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Track Listing

Mama Lou
Howya Horse?
Go Tell the Devil
The Wild West Wagon Train
Saints and Angels
Whitewash Station Blues
Hillbilly Lilly & Buffalo Benji
Let's Drink for Once Dead
Shifting Summer Sands
Cape Clear
Lady Luck
Rake at the Gates of Hell & The Scoundrel's Halo