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Rules for Jokers

American debut by edgy young folk poet Thea Gilmore. Released to rave reviews in both the U.S. and her native U.K., Rules for Jokers is a lethal brew of sharp wordplay, concise melodies, and an unflinching eye for detail.


“…her confident wordplay puts her in a league with Dylan and Costello when they were her age…the work of an artist who deserves our ongoing attention.” -- Pulse

Rules for Jokers

Thea Gilmore

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Track Listing

Fever Beats Buy
Saviours and All Buy
Holding Your Hand Buy
This Girl is Taking Bets Buy
Take Me Home Buy
Apparition No. 12 Buy
St. Luke's Summer Buy
The Things We Never Said Buy
Seen It All Before Buy
Benzedrine Buy
Movie Kisses Buy
Keep Up Buy
Saying Nothing Buy
Inverigo Buy