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Rude Awakenings

Andy Irvine is quickly achieving the status of folk legend, having already been hailed as a folk hero. It’s Andy’s turn for heroes, however, as he tells the stories, in song, of his own heroes through history -- heroes like Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Nazi death camps, and James Connolly, famous Irish labor leader who was severely wounded during the uprising of 1916 and subsequently executed, and of course, Woody Guthrie himself. Featuring such artists as Davy Spillane and Arty McGlynn, Rude Awakening ranks as the most eloquent album of 1991, if not the decade.

Rude Awakenings

Andy Irvine

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Track Listing

Never Tire Of The Road
Raoul Wallenberg
James Connolly
Viva Zapata!
The Whole Damn Thing
Rude Awakening
Michael Dwyer's Escape
Douglas Mawson
Allan McLean
Love To Be With You