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Weaving intricate patterns around a core of fiddle, melodeon, flute and guitar, The House Band's rich, complex music spans the Celtic nations and beyond. During their 17-year run, the band produced nine albums and toured Europe, North America, Australia, and Africa.

Named for the westernmost isle off the coast of the Outer Berbrides, uninhabited and claimed both by Ireland and the UK, Rockall (1996) is The House Band’s third Green Linnet album. Battlefield Band and Patrick Street mainstay Ged Foley (guitar/small pipes/vocals), accordionist/keyboardist Chris Parkinson, Rodger Wilson (fiddle/guitar/vocals), and John Skelton (flutes/bombardes/whistles) stay true to their intention, producing a record of energy, innovation, and a lilt that would make any Ceili band jealous. Joined by Mark Hellenberg on bodhran, dumbek, zarb, and bones, The House Band effortlessly transitions between lively reel and jig sets to tender vocal numbers and back again.

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Track Listing

Golden Grove / The Hop Down Reel / An Occasional Flutter
The Gardener
The Frog In The Well / The Holey Ha'penny
Not The Worm / Dans Plinn Ar Menez
All In A Day
Willow Creek / Hop Of The Rabbit
The Philadelphia Reel / The House On The Hill
Hopeless Road
The Flat Cap / Sgean Dhu
Shiver Me Timbers