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Rev An Nou

Rumbling rara rhythms, simmering vocal chants and uncompromising lyrics dominate this powerful recording from Haiti’s foremost rasin ("roots") band. Boukan Ginen dig deeper than ever into their African roots on Rev An Nou (XENO4027), as hand drums set up an irresistible beat, while horns, keyboards, bass, and Jimmy-Jean Felix’s searing guitar pile up hypnotic melodies. Echoes of Africa abound: traces of Fela Kuti in the modal Afrika, hints of soukous and mbaquanga in Timoun Yo. And with the full band in deep, spiritual Creole chorus, the amazing voice of lead singer Eddy Francois takes flight, with all the power of a soul shouter, with all the passion of a preacher. Long anticipated by fans in both Haiti and abroad, Rev An Nou ("Our Dream") celebrates Haiti’s dreams of justice and hope with electric energy and uncompromising spirit.

Boukan Ginen burst forth from Haiti’s mizik rasin ("roots music") movement in the early 90s, and has become one of its leading proponents. Political, spiritual and social voices of the people infuse this mizik rasin, drawing from the religious traditions of Africa, the music of rebellion from Jamaican reggae, and the inevitable influence of American rock and roll. Boukan Ginen’s first album, Jou A Rive (XENO4024), released to an adoring Haitian audience in 1991, received immediate critical acclaim when it came out on Xenophile: Down Beat said "it radiates it’s own brilliant light" and The Beat called it "one of the most powerful collections of songs out of Haiti this year".

Now, with Rev An Nou, Boukan Ginen celebrates its dream in the heart of the Haitian tradition: where song, dance and rhythm are the crossroads between Haiti and the spiritual world.

Artists: Eddy D. Francois (Agaouse), Vladimy Jean-Felix (Jimmy), Bedy Eugene (Uu), Richard Laguerre (Tonton Nwel), Mytho Exavier (Matisou), Dieuseul Liberis (Zaka), Jude Sanon (Yatande), Jean E. Dorvil (Patchouko), Carline Ruiz (Zili), Manina P. Francois (Degina), Mushi Widmaier, Milot Eliassaint, Jean Gerald Dutailly, Oswald Durand Jr., Sadrac Duperme, Jean D. Beausejour, Pierre Nazaire, Frantzor A. d’Arbouze

Rev An Nou

Boukan Ginen

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Track Listing

Rev An Nou
Zanfan Nago
Se Yo Ki Lakoz
Kouman Nap Fe
Neg Yo Danjere
Timoun Yo
Je'n La Nap Gade
Ma Doute
Move Fanmi