A Scotsman, an Irishman and a Frenchman walked into a bar (no, this isn’t a joke!). A momentous decision lay ahead of them. They were about to make plans for their third CD together. Their two previous recordings had been recorded live, but this time, they toyed with the idea of making this new recording without the aid of their numerous fans. Could they cope with the quiet privacy of a studio? ("Yes." replied one). Would they be able to play without being stared at by an audience? ("Aye" replied another). Would the absence of thunderous applause unnerve our intrepid heroes? ("Non" replied the third).

Three of the absolute finest fiddlers in the Celtic world - Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, and Christian Lemaître - come together on this, their first studio recording. Burke is a world renowned Irish fiddle master, playing the beautifully fluid, highly ornamented style of County Sligo; his formidable career history includes The Bothy Band, Patrick Street, and Open House. Johnny Cunningham is a founding member of legendary Scottish group Silly Wizard, later playing in Relativity and Nightnoise. His dazzling style is dynamic and technically superb, from emotive and eloquent airs to lightning fast reels. Lemaître represents the exotic, richly dark cadences of the Breton tradition. He has toured and recorded with the outstanding Breton groups Kornog, which included Soïg Siberil on guitar, and Pennou Skoulin.

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Track Listing

O'Carolan's Concerto Buy
Gavotten Buy
The Skye Boat Song Buy
Knocknagow Buy
Laridé/Gavotte Buy
The Tailor's Twist/The Sailor's Hornpipe Buy
Cam Ye By Atholl Buy
Le Coeur De Pierre - Ridées "Gallo" Buy
The Bonnie Lass O'Bonn Accord Buy
The Graf Spee/Sherlock's Fancy/The Pride Of Cluinte Buy
Gwerz Ar Vezhinerien Buy
The Battering Ram/The Kilfenora Jig Buy