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Radical Mestizo

Melding traditional Celtic music to a variety of organic and synthesized rhythmic textures, Scottish innovators Shooglenifty are at the cutting-edge of a new genre that is becoming known as "Acid-Croft." Radical Mestizo captures the restless experimentation of Shooglenifty’s trance-inducing live shows throughout the US, UK, and Mexico.

Radical Mestizo consists of ten tracks variously recorded at Teatro de La Cuidad in Mexico City as part of the Festivale Internationale, Cumbre Tajin adjacent to the ancient Totanec city during the Spring Festival, Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow during Celtic Connections Festival, The Second Story Nightclub in Bloomington Indiana, and last but certainly not least, Scotland’s Glenuig Hall.

Radical Mestizo


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Track Listing

She's in the Attic
Glenuig Hall
The Arms Dealer's Daughter
Nordal Rumba
Carboni's Farewell
Schumann's Leap
Heading West
A Fistful of Euro
Scraping the Barrel