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Outside the Box

Every listener of Outside the Box can now experience the ever-widening ripple effect of Billy McComiskey as the finest B/C button accordionist in Irish-American music. He is revered by box enthusiasts on either side of the hyphen. Or as Billy himself put it: "My playing is Irish but unmistakably American."
- Earle Hitchner (Wall Street Journal, Irish Echo)

Outside the Box

Billy McComiskey

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Track Listing

Keogh's / Maggie Lynn's (Reels)
Sean McGlynn's / Maura McGlynn's / Connie Scanlon (Jigs)
The Rainy Day / The Man of the House (Reels)
The Diamond / Sleepless Nights (Waltzes)
Grainne's Grace (Lullaby)
The Humours of Brandon / Farewell to Old Decency / Ormond Sound (Set Dance / Reels)
The Ballinakill / The Broken Bridge (Hornpipes)
The Collier's / Miss Thornton's / The Concert (Reels)
Nora Sweeney / Elizabeth Cullen (Jigs)
The Way to Shercock / Nell Davy's (Reels)
Planxty Thomas Burke / Lady Gethin (O'Carolan Tunes)
The Grey Fox (Reel)
Frances Keegan / The Ring Finger / The Maid I Ne'er Forgot (Reels)