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One Night

Originally released on Coffeehouse Extemporé Records in 1983 and long out-of-print, One Night was the second of only three recordings which the legendary Minneapolis venue issued during its 22-year existence. Chronologically falling between 1981's The Iowa Waltz (Greg's second album) and In the Dark With You (1985), it became one of the rarest and most sought after pieces of any Greg Brown collection. Among its 16 tracks are several Brown classics like "Ella Mae," "You Don't Really Get Me, Babe" and "Dream On"songs that were favorites of his early audiences, but never recorded in any other setting. There are also five great cuts that were not included on the original album due to time limitations of the LP format

One Night

Greg Brown

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Track Listing

Dream On
Canned Goods
Every Street In Town
Flat Stuff
introduction to "Downtown"
Heart of My Country
Butane Lighter Blues
Banjo Moon
You Don't Really Get Me, Babe
introduction to "On Records..."
On Records, The Sound Just Fades Away
Love Is A Chain
Ella Mae
All the Little Places Around the Town
Never Shine Sun