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Music Du Jour

Twelve inspired tunes from the 'new acoustic' Matt Flinner Trio. With the backdrop of the Rockies to inspire them, Matt Flinner, Ross Martin, and Eric Thorin threw down a challenge to one another ”to write a new tune each day while on tour and perform it that evening. The players each rose rapidly to meet the challenge, and the tunes composed over the course of three Western tours show the depth and inspiration of these performers. With Music du Jour, the Matt Flinner Trio sets a new standard for the bluegrass trio configuration.

Music Du Jour

Matt Flinner Trio

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Track Listing

Inferno Reel
In the Golden Zone
Stomp Hat
Half Moondog
Tell Me One More Time
The Blossom
Falling Rock
Free Circus
Meager Hero
Atomic City
Spur of the Moment