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Made in Cork

Another giant of an album from one of the most prominent and respected Irish bands performing today. Patrick Street’s sixth recording, Made In Cork, brings together all the best elements of the genre: virtuosic fiddle and accordion playing (Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly), poignant songs (Andy Irvine), inventive guitar rhythms (Ged Foley), intricate arrangements, and a great selection of tunes.

Included are two sets of polkas performed in seamless duet by polka masters Burke & Daly, sweet combinations of double jigs, slip jigs, hornpipes, reels, and slides played pure and clean, and four songs by Andy Irvine, with backing vocals from Ged Foley. The album is quiet yet powerful, a refined and refreshing performance that’s as real as it gets.

Made in Cork

Patrick Street

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Track Listing

Bring Back The Child/Paidin O'Rafferty (Double Jigs)
The Coalminer/The Heather Breeze/Turf House (Reels)
Her Mantle So Green (Song)
The Midnight Ramble/The Bogman/The Old Stage (Slides)
Maurice O'Keefe's/Sonny Rearden's (Slow Polkas)
The Rainbow 'Mid The Willows (Song)
Where Lillies Bloom/The Villiage Tavern/The Four Cross Roads (Polkas)
Spanking Maggie From The Ross (Song)
The Winding Stairs/Ride A Mile (Slip Jigs)
When Adams Was In Paradise (Song)
The Raven Through The Bog/The Forester (Hornpipes)
Up To Your Neck In Sand/Coffey's Reel/John Brennan From Sligo (Reels)