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Live It Up

The charismatic Irish ensemble Reeltime really Live It Up on their long-awaited second album! Led by Galway’s Máirín Fahy on fiddle and lead vocals and Chris Kelly on guitar, Reeltime is one of Ireland’s liveliest, most creative traditional-based bands. The group’s self-titled debut album from 1994 earned them the title of "Best New Group" and "Best Female Vocalist" by The Irish American News, and Live It Up is a brilliant follow-up. Fiddles, whistles, and accordions soar above the solid grooves of double and six-string basses, percussion, and swinging jazz guitar chords. The original tunes dance with energy, lift, and a heady infusion of swing, from the terrific opening set of reels "The Trucks of Bohermore" to the countrified sass of "Nashville Brats" to the delicious waltz "Hayes and Hayes." Máirín’s lovely voice sails on the Gaelic song "Sí­le," swirling in a languid, syncopated rhythm and exquisite production. Live It Up also features the artistry of Eilis Egan and Luke Daniels on accordion, John Flatley on keyboards, Yvonne Fahy and Jimmy Higgins on percussion, Brendan Power on harmonica, and additional production by Johnny Cunningham.

Live It Up


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Track Listing

The Trucks Of Bohermore
Swaggering Jigs: Australian Waters/A Drink Of Water/Gan Ainm
Hayes And Hayes
Guinness In Germany: Lads Of Laois/Trip To Herves
Believe Me
Nashville Brats
The Mountains Of Pomeroy
Mountbellew To Milan: Kate's Bar/The Italian Fiddler/Mountbellew Hardware
Garfield's Swing: Gan Ainm/Gan Ainm/President Garfields
Buachaill On Eirne
Musette A Teresa
Larch On Oak: Larch/Set American 1 & 2 Partie/Oak/Colonel Rodney