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Live in America

An invigorating document of Flecktones low-end man Victor Wooten’s legendary concert appearances. Backed by brothers Reggie and Josef and featuring the mighty J.D. Blair on drums, these performances are bracingly immediate and yet musically subtle and intricate. If you haven’t seen him live, you need to hear this. If you have, you’ll want to have this souvenir in your collection.

Live in America

Victor Wooten

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Track Listing

Are You Ready, Baby?
What Did He Say?
Hormones In The Headphones
Nobody Knows My Name
Yinin' and Yangin' / Hey Girl
Sacred Silence / The Jam Man
Tappin' and Thumpin' / Born In The Dark / I Can't Make You Love Me
James Brown! / Iron Man
Miller Time
Good People
Imagine This
I Dream In Color
My Life
U Can't Hold No Groove…
Me And My Bass Guitar
Pretty Little Lady
If You Want Me To Stay / Thank You (Fallentin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)