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Live At The Big T Roadhouse

**Vinyl LP is an abridged version of the compact disc, but includes a download card to access the entire 74-minute digital version.**

Considered Austin, Texas’ official musical spokesman, Dale Watson has built a worldwide legion of fans one gig at a time, from Texas honky-tonks to Tokyo performance halls and all points in between. With his upcoming album, Live At The Big T Roadhouse, Chicken S#!+ Bingo Sunday, Watson brings a unique Texas tradition to the world. Live At The Big T is a perfect snapshot of Watson and his ace band, His Lonestars, live in concert at the peak of their performing prowess, all while hosting a Chicken S#!+ Bingo show at Dale’s own bar, the Big T Roadhouse in St. Hedwig, Texas. The 'bingo" game involves a caged hen strutting across a plywood board divided into numbered squares while betting customers gather 'round the cage, hoping the bird will drop its mark on their chosen numeral. Along with cash prizes for the winners, there's $2 Lonestar beer, all you can eat hot dogs and live music and dancing. If you've never seen Watson live, this album is the next best thing — an intimate show for an audience of mixed ages and backgrounds, all enjoying an afternoon of live honky tonk and classic country music framed by Watson’s hilarious between-song banter.

"This is 'A Day In The Life' of anyone who has ever gone to one of my Sunday shows," Watson says. "I hope you show up to a Chicken $#!+ Bingo show someday. You will go away with a warm feeling of why Texas is so great and why Ameripolitan Music is here to stay. In one word, it’s REAL."

Songs include a down and dirty version of Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” and Watson's version of Merle Haggard's barroom classic, "The Bottle Let Me Down.” Other Watson favorites include his unofficial theme song, “I Lie When I Drink (And I Drink a Lot),” “Honky Tonkers Don’t Cry” and his truck driving anthem, “I Gotta Drive.” And there's the crowd-pleaser “Where Do You Want It,” his tribute to outlaw musician Billie Joe Shaver; the title is the question a pistol-toting Billie Joe is said to have asked the man he was getting ready to plug. Watson fans will also recognize the band’s improvised “commercials” for Lone Star Beer (he won’t drink anything else, probably because it “whitens teeth” and is “the only beer proven to grow brain cells”).

If they’re not on the road, Dale and the band can be found hosting Chicken S#!+ Bingo at either Cboys in Austin, TX or the Big T on alternate Sunday afternoons — it’s Dale’s favorite gig and trust us, there ain’t nuthin’ like it.

Live At The Big T Roadhouse

Dale Watson

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Track Listing

Big Ts
The Best Dogs in the Land
Sit and Drink and Cry
The Best Beer in the World
Where Do You Want It
4 Times
Everybodys Somebody in St. Hedwig Texas
Back Yonder
The Fugitive
Winner #1
I Gotta Drive
Best Dogs Best Beer
Honky Tonkers Dont Cry
Lubbock Boy
Your Chance to Win
The Bottle Let Me Down
Looks Great Tastes Great...Sounds Great
Inside View
Winner #2
I Dont Rock No Cradle
Get to Know Don Don
Don Don Boogie
Oh No Saddest Day in My Life
Tienes Cabeza De Palo
Right Now
Amos Moses
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Never Ever
Last Chance
I Lie When I Drink
Winner #3
Birmingham Break Down
Winner #4 Goodnight