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Lau is a formidable union of three of the finest and most innovative exponents of modern traditional music: Kris Drever (guitar and vocal), Martin Green (piano accordion) and Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle). Together, their explosive live performances have been generating a major buzz around the UK folk circuit that has now become a world-wide party. The summer of 2007 saw them take festivals by storm across Europe and North-America; the Fall to Japan and Cape Breton. They kicked off 2008 at the BBC Folk Awards where they gave what was widely regarded as the performance of the night, went on to win BEST GROUP award and Bob Hoskins was last seen bowing down to the band proclaiming "I am not worthy!"

Lau are the product of a highly creative Edinburgh music scene in which band exchange and stylistic experimentation among musicians is almost an unspoken creed. Lau have taken a new approach to the folk scene by writing much of their own material, creating complex and melodic compositions which change as the emphasis shifts between their 3 instruments; moody or frantic accordion interwoven with driving fiddle and guitar.

The album, entitled simply Live, captures the excitement of the band’s live shows and features new material as well as many of the tracks from their debut album Lightweights and Gentlemen.



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Track Listing

Banks of Marble
Frank and Flo's
Butcher Boy
The Lang Set
Unquiet Grave