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Lightweights & Gentlemen

Recorded in the winter of 2006, Lau’s debut album, Lightweights & Gentlemen, sound like men willing to redefine how a trio can sound. Arming themselves with both highly original repertoire and some superb takes on traditional song, their fearless appetite for improv digs deep into a wild array of genres, taking in their influences from around the world and spitting them out as a perfect folk -jazz stew.

The album is a testament to the skills of all three members: Kris Drever's amazing guitar work and formidable vocals showcases the talents that won him the BBC Folk Awards "Horizon Award"; Aidan O’Rourke’s playing shows you why he won "Instrumentalist of the Year" at this seasons Celtic Music Awards; Martin Green takes the Piano Accordion to places your ears can only dream about visiting. No guests, no frills, just three of the finest young artists working in traditional music today showing us what can be done when you keep one ear to the past and an eye on the future.


"It is only March but already this is the album of the year!"
- FRoots Magazine (UK)

Lightweights & Gentlemen


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Track Listing

Butcher Boy
The Jigs
Unquiet Grave
Souter Creek
Freeborn Man
Twa Stewarts