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Letters in the Dirt

Letters in the Dirt is Chuck's debut on Red House Records. Recorded in Atlanta, it was produced by Billy Pilgrim's Kristian Bush and features members of Billy Pilgrim as well as guest appearances by David Wilcox and Tom Paxton. Musically, the album is filled with fresh hooks, melodies that linger in your head, and exceptional musicianship. Again, Chuck's stories take center stage. From "The Ballad of Eddie Klepp" to "The Hands of Victor Jara"--whether the songs make you laugh or move you deeply--this album will cement Chuck's reputation as one of the great songwriters in folk music.

Letters in the Dirt

Chuck Brodsky

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Track Listing

The Ballad of Eddie Klepp
She's Gone
Bill & Annie
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Letters in the Dirt
Talk to My Lawyer
Sweet Little Lou
Until You Can Forgive
Missing Each Other's Cues
Long Story Short
The Hands of Victor Jara
The Goodbye Kid