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Leaving St. Kilda

The Tannahill Weavers are one of Scottish music’s most consistently exciting bands, known for their blazing, high-energy combination of highland pipes, flutes and percussive guitars. Leaving St. Kilda, is their most raucous, fiery piece of work in years.

The five-piece band that recorded Leaving St. Kilda is the Tannahill Weavers’ most versatile lineup ever. Their new member, Duncan Nicholson, is another in the line of Tannies’ pipers that has also included Allan MacLeod and Kenny Forsyth, and his masterful playing of the highland pipes is matched by his skill on the Scottish smallpipes. Band stalwart Roy Gullane (guitar, vocals) is getting better with every passing year. His singing, rich and craggy, is an integral part of the hallmark Tannahill Weavers sound. Phil Smillie, the band’s other original member, plays the flute and whistle, and adds the thunder of the bodhran to the group’s driving arrangements. Les Wilson’s fiercely strummed bouzouki, atmospheric keyboards, and booming bass pedals are indispensable to the Tannahill sound, while John Martin (formerly of The Easy Club and Ossian) brings the lift and swing of the Scottish fiddle into the group’s arrangements. All together, these boys make a mighty sound that shouldn’t be missed!

Leaving St. Kilda

The Tannahill Weavers

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Track Listing

Good Drying Set: Good Drying/The MacFarlanes/The Whistlebinkies Reel/Mulhair's Reel...
Hieland Harry: Hieland Harry/The Wee Highland Laddie (2nd Part)/Lieutenant Colonel D.J.S. M
The Rigs O Rye
The Athol Gathering: The Arthol Gathering/Donald MacLeod Reel
St. Kilda Set: Leaving St. Kilda/Major W. Knox, M.C./The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein
The Shearin's No For You
The Three Healths
Crann Tar Set: Angus G. MacLeod/Crann Tara/Fiona MacLeod
The Wars O' Germany
Islay Charms Set: Donald MacLeod/Islay Charms/Alena MacAskill/Donnie MacGregor
Last May A Braw Wooer
Farewell You Silver Darlin's