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In the northwest of France lies the province of Brittany, where a unique Celtic culture has flourished for centuries. Nearly twenty years ago, Kornog merged traditional Breton tunes with a Scottish vocal repertoire, creating an exciting new acoustic music. The quartet’s complex arrangements result in a style quite unlike any other, at once graceful and thrilling, ancient and contemporary.

Now, fiddler Christian Lemaitre (Celtic Fiddle Festival), flutist Jean-Michel Veillon, vocalist/bouzouki player Jamie McMenemy and new guitarist Nicolas Quemener (Arcady) bring us Kornog’s first recording in over a decade. Named for a river near the recording studio in Brittany, Korong is not a misprint but a playful anagram, and like its namesake, it travels deep into the heart of Brittany’s musical landscape.



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Track Listing

Baleadenn: Ridée/Tour
Baleadenn: Laridé/Kejaj
Baleadenn: Gavotte Pourlet/Laridé-Gavotte
Child Noryce
Là-Bas Dans La Praire/Ronds De St-Vincent Sur Oust
The Braes O' Killiecrankie
Air Pour Faire Pleurer La Mariée/Gavottes
Fest Stivell: Gwriziad Difennet
Fest Stivell: Gouel Hollvedel
Fest Stivell: Feunteun Zen
La Belle Eléonore/Les Filles De Saillé
Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie
Ar Plac'h Diw Wech Eureujet/Dañs Fisel
Thessaloniki Taxi
Kolo Stara Vlajna
For A New Baby
Al Letanant Schmitt O Kimiadiñ Ar 5ved Kompagnunez
Dañs Plinn