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Just Like Medicine

FEATURING: Steve Cropper, Vince Gill, David Hood, Colin Linden, Bryan Owings, Dan Penn, Jeff Taylor, The McCrary Sisters and The Muscle Shoals Horns

A.J. CROCE and his producer, soul music legend, Dan Penn explore the healing power of music with JUST LIKE MEDICINE, out August 11th on Compass Records.  An all-star cast including Steve Cropper, David Hood, Vince Gill, Colin Linden and the McCrary Sisters come together on Croce’s ninth studio album, which includes his first recording of “The Name of the Game,”  an unreleased song by his father, Jim Croce.

As Croce explains, “I wanted to make a real soul album, but not a throwback Stax album or a Motown album or anything like that—even though Dan was producing and there are great players from that world and Muscle Shoals on these tracks.” Sonically and in every other way, the intention on Just Like Medicine seems to keep things real. “We recorded this album in mono, to analog tape, primarily to two tracks and we never used more than sixteen tracks,” says Croce. “Dan explained that when he worked with the Box Tops, they only had like three tracks—one for the band, one for the vocals, one for string and horns. So that became our starting point.”
As one listen to Just Like Medicine confirms, that turned out to be an excellent place to start.

“Just Like Medicine -- shows that no music on Earth has more healing power than soul music” – David Wild

“A.J. Croce has wisdom beyond his years. With his music, he represents his generation with a profound sense of honesty in his lyrics and quality in his delivery. The future of entertainment is safe in his hands!” —Willie Nelson

Just Like Medicine

A.J. Croce

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Track Listing

Gotta Get Outta My Head
The Heart That Makes Me Whole
Name Of The Game
Cures Just Like Medicine
Move On
The Other Side Of Love
Full Up
I Couldn't Stop
Hold You
The Roads