Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes is an album of unlikely subjects and unlikely approaches. Suzzy finds the significance in everyday things--the depth in ballet slippers or childhood songs--and the lightness of life. The album is filled with loss, but not bitterness, and radiates resilience and strength. Musically, the songs are remarkably catchy, the kind you'll find yourself humming immediately. Suzzy combines pop, rock and folk in a way that is immediately accessible without ever being routine. She fits words and music together like a craftsperson, finding just the right piece or angle, and she catches you with lyrical surprises and unexpected melodic turns.

Holy Smokes

Suzzy Roche

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Track Listing

My My Broken Heart Buy
Crash Buy
Eggshell Buy
Holy Smokes Buy
Rules Buy
The Second Coming of Eli Buy
Losing Buy
Lightning Storm Buy
ABCs Buy
Pink Ballet Slippers Buy
Breathing Buy
Two Bumps On a Log Buy