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Go Easy On Me

We had all but given up playing music and hadn’t written or recorded a song in maybe five years when I wrote this a few years back. It was a promise to Hannah and a promise to myself that this was not the end – that we could and had to still make music together. After writing this song, it took another several years and some false starts before we could finally commercially release music again, but here we are.

This song seems appropriate for a release at the beginning of the new year because it is all about new beginnings, starting again, finding what is important to you and running after that with every fiber of your being. But these things never come easy – they involve flailing, stumbling, and flooding the engine just try to get started and move in the right direction without driving off a cliff trying to get to where you know you need to be.

Go Easy On Me

The Bittersweets

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Go Easy On Me