Celtic music as we know and love it today -- popularized by Riverdance, The Chieftans, Altan -- originates in Ireland, and with Moving Cloud, Ireland delivers again -- like no other country can. Moving Cloud represents the living tradition in its truest form, performing high-powered dance music -- jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas and mazurkas -- with Ireland’s patentable trademarks of virtuosic talent, skill, spirit and especially lift. Featuring Maeve Donnelly and Manus McGuire on fiddles, Paul Brock on accordion and melodeon, Kevin Crawford on flute, whistle and bodhran, and Carl Hession on piano, Foxglove expands the world’s lexicon of great Irish instrumental music with 16 savory tunes.

Formed in 1989, Moving Cloud is one of the most accomplished and dynamic traditional bands in Ireland today. Among their peers, the individual members of Moving Cloud are highly regarded; all have distinguished credits as soloists, and between them, possess over twenty All-Ireland Championship titles. Moving Cloud’s self-titled debut album (Green Linnet, 1994) was selected "Album of the Year" by Earle Hitchner in The Irish Echo, citing the "extraordinarily high quality of playing, brimming with great music and great performances throughout," while noted Riverdance composer, Bill Whelan, called the album "a traditional album of rare grace, subtlety and integrity that also makes a connection with other traditions in a surprising way." Foxglove is a worthy sequel.

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Track Listing

Paddy Fahy's/Whistle And I'll Come To You/Woods Of Old Limerick Buy
Byrne's Hornpipe/The Yellow Cow/Flowers Of The Red Mill Buy
Suil Suil A Ghra/Chopman/Humours Of Castlecomer Buy
Mooney's Mazurka/Kinloch/Humours Of Toomagh Buy
Fahy's Jig/Tap Room/The Maid Who Left The Country Buy
Paddy Fahy's Reel/The Ewe Reel Buy
Old Tanglefoot/Southern Shore Buy
Swing Waltz Buy
Knocknagoshel/Ryan's Come West Along The Road Buy
Kitty's Rambles/The Cook In The Kitchen/Paidin O'Rafferty Buy
Shelly River Waltz/New Year Waltz Buy
Follow Me Up To Carlow/New Custom House Buy
French-Canadian Jiggin'/Old-Man Woman43 Buy
Da Slockit Light16 Buy
Cape Breton Dream/Champion Buy
Dan Breen's/Mick Finn's/The Heather Breeze/The Red-Haired Lass Buy