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D' Flute Album

With this altogether superb solo debut, Moving Cloud member Kevin Crawford moves into the upper tier of Irish flutists. Born in Birmingham, England, to parents who originally came from West Clare, Kevin was surrounded by traditional music from his earliest days. Following his move to Ireland, Crawford eventually settled in Ennis, where he quickly made a name for himself as a flute player of uncommon distinction.

On this, his first solo album, he focuses principally on reels (nine of the 14 tracks are reels), playing them with fleet-fingered precision and remarkable breath control, the notes pouring forth effortlessly and cleanly. Yet when he switches from the D flute to a C bamboo flute, as he does on the reels "Green Fields of Rossbeigh & The New Policeman," Crawford demonstrates how sinuous and silky his playing can become. A versatile musician (he’s also adept on tin whistle and bodhran) Kevin is backed by fellow Moving Cloud colleague Carl Hession on keyboards.

D' Flute Album

Kevin Crawford

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Track Listing

George White's Favourite & The Silgo Maid
Jim Donoghue's, Gorman's & Kiss Me Kate
Christy Barry's Set
Paddy Fahy's & The Echo
Fisherman's Farewell & Junior Crehan's
The Mill Pond & The Battering Ram
Dillon's Fancy, Maids In The Meadow & Toss The Feathers
Seaons Of Mists
Maurice Lennon's & Connie O'Connell's
Jug Of Brown Ale & Spot The Wollop
Sporting Paddy & The Abbey Reel
Green Fields Of Rossbeigh & The New Policeman
Blackberry Blossom, Brady's & The Steam Packet
The Flowers Of Brooklyn, The Palm Tree & The Bucks Of Oranmore