Crossing Selkirk Avenue

"Finjan delights in wild syncopations and atypical combinations of instruments, almost always preserving the characteristic wail of the clarinet."— Louisville Courier-Journal

This Winnipeg ensemble was one of the very best of the 1990s Klezmer Revival. Whether original or traditional, their terrific soloing, harmonies and vocals in Yiddish and Yinglish are pure joy!

Crossing Selkirk Avenue


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Track Listing

Oy Tate, S'is Gut Buy
Abi Gezunt Buy
Bosphourous Freilach Buy
Greenhorn Blues Buy
I Wanna Fellow Buy
Second Avenue Freilach Buy
Crossing Selkirk Avenue Buy
A Brivele der Mam'n Buy
Shpiel Klezmer, Shpiel Buy
Freilach fun der Chupa Buy
Odessa Bulgar Buy