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Contentment Is Wealth

Two giants of Celtic music in their first collaboration on disc -- Sean Keane (fiddle) and Matt Molloy (flute), scions of the Chieftains and brilliant soloists in their own right, play some of the tightest duets ever heard. Their speed is matched only by their precision, and their sheer exultation can be felt in every track. With producer Arty McGlynn on guitar.

Contentment Is Wealth

Matt Molloy & Sean Keane

MP3/320 $10.00
CD $15.00

Track Listing

Gorman's/The Dawn/Mrs. Crehan's Reel
McGettrick's/McDonagh's/Tommy Gunn's
Gillan's Apples/Up And About In The Morning
Kitty In The Lane/Captain Kelly/The Green Mountain
Caislean An Oir/The New Century
The Gooseberry Bush/The Limestone Rock
The London Lasses/Farewell To Ireland/The Piper's Despair
The Sword In The Hand/The Providence Reel/The Old Bush
George White's Favourite/The Virginia Reel
Vincent Campbell's/The Swaggerin' Jig/The Holly Bush
Dargai/The Marquis Of Huntley/The Mathematician
The Golden Keyboard/Mayor Harrison's Fedora
Seamus Ennis Jig/Connie O'Connell's
Dowd's #9/The First Month Of Spring/The Reconciliation