Broken Hearted I'll Wander

Dolores Keane’s strong west of Ireland music roots are combined with John Faulkner’s English/Scottish folk music influences to produce a fresh approach to traditional songs and tunes. The use of varied instruments (hurdy-gurdy, concertina, flute and whistles) is tasteful and well-controlled. A beautiful album.

Broken Hearted I'll Wander

Dolores Keane

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Track Listing

The Ploughboy Buy
Month Of January Buy
Will Ye Go To Flanders Buy
Tommy Peoples/Mary Shore Buy
Johnny Lovely Johnny Buy
Mouth Music/Eddie Curran's Favourite Buy
The Low Low Lands Of Holland Buy
Kyle Brack Rambler/Miss McGuinness/Speed The Plough Buy
Allan Tyne Of Harrow Buy
The Home Ruler/Cross The Fence Buy
The Bonny Light Horseman Buy