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Bluegrass Radio (Single)

On the heels of their national bluegrass chart-topping and Emmy-Award winning instrumental collaboration “Foggy Morning Breaking,” banjoists Alison Brown and Steve Martin return with “Bluegrass Radio.” The new single ticks all the boxes for a bluegrass favorite, including a flashy twin banjo solo from Brown and Martin, lyrics that reflect Martin’s wry sense of humor and top-flight performances from some of the most iconic players in bluegrass music.

Martin was inspired to write the lyrics after hearing “Foggy Morning Breaking” in heavy rotation across the nation’s plentiful bluegrass channels. He comments: “I think of a hit on bluegrass radio with the same exhilaration as a hit movie. It’s uplifting to hear your song on the radio, and the thrill never goes away.”

Brown set the lyrics to music and brought in a powerhouse band of bluegrass A-listers to bring the track to life: Sam Bush (mandolin), Stuart Duncan (fiddle), Trey Hensley (guitar), and Todd Phillips (bass). Brown comments: “We had an amazing time in the studio recording this track. Each of the musicians brought a lifetime’s worth of bluegrass experience to bear and, from the first note, it was almost like we were reading each other’s musical minds.

Bluegrass Radio (Single)

Alison Brown & Steve Martin

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Bluegrass Radio