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Blue On Blue

The new album by renowned singer, writer and ukulele-player Sylvie Simmons. It’s the follow-up to her revelatory 2014 debut Sylvie. The album found Sylvie reuniting with producer Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) in Tucson. Her unforgettable songs, delicate but sensual and bold, earned unanimous praise and rave reviews, with comparisons to a young Marianne Faithfull, a punk Piaf, and a female Leonard Cohen—as well as a prime slot in the 2018 Ethan Hawke/Jesse Peretz movie Juliet Naked, and shout-outs from fellow musicians including Rosanne Cash, Brian Wilson and Elvis Costello. But that first evening, after recording first takes of five of the songs, Sylvie suffered a dreadful accident that left her with multiple broken bones, nerve damage and an unusable left hand. What followed was a long and painful period of surgeries and rehabilitation. Finding herself unable to play several of the songs she’d written for the album with her damaged hand, Sylvie wrote some new songs. She recorded them in different studios in between treatments and her writing work. But listening to Blue On Blue, you’d never know there had been a problem. Seamless and beautiful, with its memorable songs and spacious, unexpected arrangements, once again it highlights her intimate vocals and intelligent lyrics that at first listen seem dreamy and gentle but hold hidden barbs and pain.

Previous praise:
“One of the most beautiful albums of the year. Spell-binding.” —The Guardian
“Fragile and fearless, direct and poetic, timeless and absolutely beautiful.”
—Devendra Banhart
“She’s not only good, she’s good. Had this same album been newly issued in mono and credited to an obscure mid-‘60s flower child, the word ‘legendary’ might be used by more than a few writers who’d swear they’d purchased it back then.” —Rolling Stone

Blue On Blue

Sylvie Simmons

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Track Listing

Keep Dancing
Not in Love
The Thing They Don't Tell You about Girls
Waiting for the Shadows to Fall
Carey's Song
Creation Day
Sweet California
The Man Who Painted the Sea Blue
Stay Awhile
1000 Years Before I Met You