Blue Mesa

Mostly instrumentals, but Peter also sings! Includes the hilarious couch potato song "Horizontal Hold" and "The Orthodox Priest."

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Track Listing

International Medley (Ukrainian tune [unamed]-Lost Indian-Reel of the Hanged Man) Buy
Marjorie's Waltz Buy
Horizontal Hold Buy
Ban Anti Ar Lar-Sweeps [or Belfast] Hornpipe-The Scholar) Irish Medley (... Buy
The Orthodox Priest Buy
Polka Medley (The Charleston Polka-The B. T. Polka) Buy
Bonnie Mulligan's Buy
Monkey On a Dog Cart Buy
Bury Me Beneath the Willow Buy
The Highwire Hornpipe Buy
Ukrainian Medley (unnamed Ukrainian song [from Katerina Ostroushko]-unnamed Ukrainian polka [from Wasyl Ostroushko]) Buy
Blue Mesa Buy
Jig Medley (MacQuellin's Jig-Ostroushko's #1-Ostroushko's #2) Buy